Generosity is an attitude of the heart.

1. Give In Person

Giving stations are located at the exits of the sanctuary.

2. Give Online

You can give online through our Churchtrac app.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Tithe?

Tithe is 10% of our income that we’ve set apart as an offering.

Tithing isn’t necessarily being generous – it’s being obedient. God loves to respond when we put His kingdom first, giving above and beyond the tithe to make generosity our norm.

That can sound scary, but in the face of our uncertainties and worry – God reminds us that He pours out an abundance on those who continually put His kingdom first (Malachi 3). That’s because God’s paying attention to every detail of our lives…even our finances. So here are some easy ways for us to remember His presence:
To remind you He’s in charge of the week, give Him the first day of the week.
To remind you He’s in charge of every day, give Him the first words of the morning.
To remind you He’s in charge of every penny, give Him the first 10% of income.
If we decide to make generosity our norm, then we are also choosing to create space between what we make and what we spend by living off a percentage of what we make. 
So how do we do it? Start with prayer then make an important decision. Prayerfully consider what it looks like to tithe and how to make generosity your norm, then decide what percentage of income you’ll live on and what percentage you want to give away. 
After determining how God would have you give, consider giving online. It’s safe and it’s easy.